Mission Statement of the Fraternity of the Butterfly:

The Fraternity of the Butterfly* exists as an organization of superhuman individuals from across the planet whose united purpose is to maintain the security and well-being of their universe from the forces of evil.


*Any discussion regarding “The Butterfly” as an actual individual, whether past, present or future is hearsay and has no factual basis.  “The Butterfly” represents the Fraternity’s mission to positively impact the future through small and seemingly insignificant actions which may result in the larger effect of a better destiny for their future.

This original comic book series is created and maintained by me, Tom Kaczmarek.  I retain the exclusive rights to all characters and saga information presented on this website.  All drawings and intellectual property are my own creation and any resemblance to actual people or events, historically or fictionally, is entirely coincidence and unintentional.